“L’escola de tots”

Inclusion is about the child’s right to participate and the school’s duty to accept the child. Therefore an inclusive school is the one that opens the door at any kind of kid.

L’Escola de tots” is a documentary film that shows the experience of one inclusive school placed in “Solsona”. This rural zone of Catalonia doesn’t have special schools to separate students with disabilities, so during the last 20 years all students have studied at the same school. Nowadays it’s a pioneer example of inclusion, with it’s advantages and disadvantages.

The documentary tries to highlight how inclusion is based on the full participation by students with disabilities and the respect for their social, civil, and educational rights. 

Idea: Montserrat Casas & Maria Padró

Camera: Mireia Chavarria & Maria Padró

Post-Production: Maria Padró

Free Royalty music: Crowd in the palace by DanoSongs.com; Dance Macabre and Improbable by incompetech.com

Coordination: Montserrat Casas

Thanks to: All the educative community: students, parents, teachers… Without them, inclusion won’t be possible. 

Graphic & Alive – Maria Padró

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