Blog Europa

Blog Europa is a tv program produced by Televisió de Catalunya and televised once a week at Canal 33 and 3/24. It aims to show the European social reality through the eyes of Catalan media students.


During my Erasmus program, from september 2009 to july 2010, I did a couple of report films a month.
Episodes can’t be seen as a professional piece of work, but having a small camera on hand during the year had taught me to pay more attention about what’s going on around us, and to be more critical.

The format is halfway between the journalistic chronicle and a travel blog, dealing with social and cultural issues, customs and ways of living, multiculturalism, current events, etc.


It was also interesting to do by myself all the steps of that process: Think about the topic, research, interview, film, edit and translate each report film.

Directed by Francesc Pou

Graphic & Alive – Maria Padró



Crises from London

London and the international brigadiers

London and the tube

London and Peter Pan

London and the Art

London and hair

London and horse raises

London and Virginia Woolf

London: Saturday with 20 pounds

London and music

London and fashion

London and the monarchy

London and Jack the Ripper

London and the British museum

London and cemeteries

London and the Speakers Corner

London and the Boxing Day

London and the Olympic Games

The Europe of artists: London

The Europe of topics: London

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